Sennheiser Closeout Sale: 8/22-8/31 2015

Sennheiser is doing a closeout sale in V-Mall Greenhills where you can get up to 60% off for demoed/opened pairs of headphones and 40% off for brand new cans. If you’re looking to buy a headphone then this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this sale.

November HiFi Show 2014 Recap

It was the time of the year again where audio and video enthusiasts meet together for the annual November Hifi Show. ┬áIt was the second time I’m attending this event so I kind of know what to expect yet I’m still very excited. It was a goal for me though to not buy anything but […]

Send your Headphone for Review & Make Money

Here at we love reviewing headphones and other audio equipments. How much do we actually love doing it? We love it that we are willing to pay for your headphone to get it reviewed here! Yes you heard that right but before anything else gets out of hand, there are going to be some […]

The Revolutionary Oppo PM-1 Headphone

Oppo Electronics is more known for making LCD TVs, portable media players and of course high-end mobile devices. It is therefore surprising that they’ve released their first headphone recently but it’s not the typical consumer-end type of product. Having it priced at over $1,000, the Oppo PM-1 certainly raised some eyebrows.

A Quick Look on the new V-Moda XS Headphone

V-Moda M80 was a big hit when it was released and is still considered as one of top on-ear headphones available today (it’s even recommended by us here!). It was therefore not surprising that V-Moda attempted to improve on it even more and they do so by making sure that their customers’ feedback are considered.

Headphone Giveaway Winners!

Our month-long headphone giveaway has come to an end and it’s time to announce the winners. But before doing that, let us thank AKG Philippines for supporting us and offering the prizes for this giveaway. That’s very generous of them so don’t forget to thank them or give back support by purchasing their products in […]