The Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headphone

Whenever we are listening to the music, we prefer to listen to it using headphones because it’s totally a different experience. However, if the headphone that we are using is cheaper or of low quality that usually comes with mp3 players, we cannot get the experience we desire. Whether we are at home or going […]

Beyerdynamic DT880 Quick Impressions

It’s almost impossible to be an audiophile and not be familiar with the classic Beyerdynamic DT880. This headphone which is part of a triumvirate along Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K701 is a very popular headphone among enthusiasts and while they’re not the most popular these days, they still have their names stamped in the industry.

The Grado Experience

They say that Grado headphones are the gateway drug to the audiophile world and I feel it’s true to some extent. But the weird thing worth-mentioning is that this brand of headphone isn’t really for everyone. As some people say, you’ll  either love it or hate it. Where do I fall into? We will find out […]

The Best Workout Headphones

I personally don’t like listening to music while working out but I know a lot of people who do it and can actually NOT work out when not listening to music. It sounds absurd to me but the truth is it has become a necessity for some. In this article, we will be taking a look at […]

Unboxing of the AKG K495NC Headphones

We normally do not do unboxing article of headphones as we are more compelled to dive in straight to the full review of  it. That changes though when we feel a headphone is interesting (and perhaps expensive) and this noise cancelling headphone from AKG both are, and is definitely worth an unboxing. So welcome to […]

Sony MDR-1R Headphone Preview

Depending on who you talk to, Sony is either a good or bad headphone company. Their most popular headphone is the V6 and the variations of it but aside from that, most of their offerings I would say are tuned for the typical music listener’s ears and not really for audiophiles (i.e. lots of ‘oomph’ […]