How many Headphones do you use in a Day?

The answer for most of us is one. I myself at times just use one headphone for practicality but most people do because they only have one headphone or earphone which is perfectly understandable. But for enthusiasts like me, how many are you actually using in a day or in a week? And how often […]

Sennheiser Closeout Sale: 8/22-8/31 2015

Sennheiser is doing a closeout sale in V-Mall Greenhills where you can get up to 60% off for demoed/opened pairs of headphones and 40% off for brand new cans. If you’re looking to buy a headphone then this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this sale.

The Revolutionary Oppo PM-1 Headphone

Oppo Electronics is more known for making LCD TVs, portable media players and of course high-end mobile devices. It is therefore surprising that they’ve released their first headphone recently but it’s not the typical consumer-end type of product. Having it priced at over $1,000, the Oppo PM-1 certainly raised some eyebrows.

Unboxing of the AKG K495NC Headphones

We normally do not do unboxing article of headphones as we are more compelled to dive in straight to the full review of  it. That changes though when we feel a headphone is interesting (and perhaps expensive) and this noise cancelling headphone from AKG both are, and is definitely worth an unboxing. So welcome to […]

Headphone Leaking Audio in an Office Enviroment

Headphones are a necessity in any work environment because you can’t simply work without them. Most people use it to focus on whatever they’re working on, and obviously it’s also a communication tool when meeting and talking to someone online. That being said, I was fortunate enough to work on an environment where a headphone […]

The Extravagant Bowers & Wilkins P7

Bowers and Wilkins, more commonly referred to as B&W has released a new flagship in P7 which replaces the popular P5 as their top of the line headphone. B&W isn’t really known for building audiophile grade headphones, however a lot of headphone enthusiasts still like their headphones (particularly the P5) as it’s not really too […]