How many Headphones do you use in a Day?

The answer for most of us is one. I myself at times just use one headphone for practicality but most people do because they only have one headphone or earphone which is perfectly understandable. But for enthusiasts like me, how many are you actually using in a day or in a week? And how often […]

[SALE ALERT] AKG Q701 60% on Amazon

Headphones just like other gadgets go on sale every once in a while. So I thought I’d post here anytime there’s a sale available and today I went to Amazon and found that the AKG Q701 is more than $280 off from its original price.

Win a Good-Sounding Headphone this 2014!

We mentioned to our newsletter subscribers that one of the things that we would be doing early this year is give away headphones in form of a contest/competition. And mind you we’re planning to have at least 5 giveaways in the first half of the year. Well hopefully that can happen. :-p

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

The greeting might be a bit late by now but as they say, it’s better to be late than never. 😉 So we would like to greet everyone on behalf of a merry merry Christmas and in advanced, a fruitful new year. Make sure to enjoy the holidays and eat a lot of good […]

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Headphone Deals

Looking to take advantage of Thanksgiving and Black Friday to buy a new pair of headphones or any audio equipment? We scoured the internet to bring you the best deals available for Thanksgiving and Black Friday for year 2013. While there’s not much sale going around locally, there is plenty of them in bigger countries […]

AKG Philippines is on Cosplay Mania 2013

We’re normally not the type that would go to a cosplay event however our friends over at AKG Philippines is one of the major partners of the event and they were kind enough to send us an invite. And so, we’re now looking to go to the event. 🙂