Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide

I've been an avid reader of Head-Fi for not really that long yet (just about a year and a half) and for the most part I'm enjoying the stuff that they usually put out. They also have a massive forum where you can ask literally anything about audio … [Continue reading]

Headphone.ph Needs a Logo

Since the site is not yet fully done, I can go loose and treat this as a headphone blog for the moment. :-)  Anyway as the title suggests, this site needs a logo. I am sort of looking for a minimalistic logo that should complement the site's simple … [Continue reading]

Top Headphones Per Category

Have been busy the past few days/weeks writing a page on this website where top headphones for certain categories are showcased. Just like any other headphone websites, I felt compelled to create one where I can put out some of my recommendations … [Continue reading]

Playing Around More With Panasonic RP-HTF600

I bought the Panasonic RP HTF600 for a reason. Aside from it being cheap ($30), it was also highly recommended by headphone enthusiasts mostly in the head-fi forums. Reviews on Amazon were quite positive too (but we all know everyone who buys stuff … [Continue reading]

Not Moving Very Swiftly

Unfortunately, deciding on the structure and implementing the plans for this site is easier said than done.  Since the first post, the owner has done almost nothing to make progress in building the site. It could either be that he is lazy or he's … [Continue reading]


Headphones.ph is now live! However there's no content yet! And this content you're reading right now is just a filler content. So come back soon, and we'll sure serve you w/something enticing. … [Continue reading]