The Neutral Beyerdynamic DT880 Headphone

New models of headphones are being produced at an extremely fast pace and it seems like there's almost a new flavor of the month available for everyone to try. While it's easy to get lost with the new ones, it's still worth trying the classics and in … [Continue reading]

November HiFi Show 2014 Recap

It was the time of the year again where audio and video enthusiasts meet together for the annual November Hifi Show.  It was the second time I'm attending this event so I kind of know what to expect yet I'm still very excited. It was a goal for me … [Continue reading]

Beyerdynamic DT880 Quick Impressions

It's almost impossible to be an audiophile and not be familiar with the classic Beyerdynamic DT880. This headphone which is part of a triumvirate along Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K701 is a very popular headphone among enthusiasts and while they're not … [Continue reading]

Video Review of Grado SR225i

Doing written reviews is something that we love here at but doing video reviews? No thanks. Kidding aside, doing videos is a little more tricky because you need good equipment, good lighting and a decent touch of confidence. That hasn't … [Continue reading]

[SALE ALERT] AKG Q701 60% on Amazon

Headphones just like other gadgets go on sale every once in a while. So I thought I'd post here anytime there's a sale available and today I went to Amazon and found that the AKG Q701 is more than $280 off from its original price. … [Continue reading]

Philips SHB9100 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Every once in a while I'll get a headphone made by a well-known company that is not so much popular in the audio industry. Philips has a wide range of products mostly appliances, lighting and even healthcare. They have lots of headphones but they … [Continue reading]