The Beautiful Audioquest NightHawk Headphones

Every once in a while we stumble upon headphones that don’t come from well-known manufacturers in this space like the Sennheisers, Audio-Technicas, Beyerdynamics, Sonys, what have you. We tend to get a little excited  whenever this happens as there’s a mystery that comes into play when getting our hands on with them.


Audioquest is not really an obscure brand per se. They make some of the best portable USB DAC in Dragonfly but they’re not really a household name for headphones. Today, we will be getting our hands on with their top-of-the-line over-ear semi-open headphone in NightHawk which locally retails for 32,990php ($658) and can be bought from Audioquest PH.

Before we talk about the specifics, I will let you marvel at how good-looking and unique this headphone looks:

Audioquest Nighthawk

Liquid wood ear cups


Left and right markings

Nighthawk case

Storage box of the headphone

Nighthawk cable

Comes with two cable and one quarter inch adapter

Nighthawk headband

Nighthawk headband

Packaging & Build Quality

The unit that I have is a loan unit and it came with the nice leather case that is well-padded. Inside comes the headphone itself, two cables (one is a thin portable one and the other is a long thick cable for home use), a quarter-inch adapter and that’s it.

The Nighthawk headphone looks really good and I hope the pictures above do them enough justice. Earcups are made of ‘liquid wood’ and is something that feels really good to look at. There are some plastic in other parts of the headphone which is fine and the head band is some kind of fabric that is quite sturdy. They used the suspension type  of head band padding here so it auto-adjusts depending on the person’s head size. I am not a big fan of this and I would say this headphone didn’t really change the way I look at them.

Earpads are leather and has very good padding. Very comfortable to wear as my ears never touch the grill inside. Both cables are fabric-coated as well which makes it kind of stiff but helps with microphonics. It has a 45-degree 3.5mm plug on both of their cables but I wish they put a thick straight plug on the longer one as it’s targeted for home use.

Isolation and Comfort

I’d say it’s comfortable overall however I have a slightly larger than normal head which easily creates a little hot spot at the top whenever I’m wearing the headphone. I’m thinking this would improve over time but that’s something to note if you have a big head like me or you’re not too comfortable with this type of head band.

As it’s a semi-open headphone, it doesn’t leak and passively isolates as much sound as a normal open headphone. Still, you may want to keep this for home use as I’m not sure why a person would take out this beauty outside for commute. Now on to the sound.

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