The Beautiful Audioquest NightHawk Headphones

Every once in a while we stumble upon headphones that don’t come from well-known manufacturers in this space like the Sennheisers, Audio-Technicas, Beyerdynamics, Sonys, what have you. We tend to get a little excited  whenever this happens as there’s a mystery that comes into play when getting our hands on with them.

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The Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headphone

Whenever we are listening to the music, we prefer to listen to it using headphones because it’s totally a different experience. However, if the headphone that we are using is cheaper or of low quality that usually comes with mp3 players, we cannot get the experience we desire. Whether we are at home or going somewhere, we never forget to bring our headphones with us because most of our time is spent in listening to music; one reason of it is that music relaxes us. Whenever we feel exhausted, a dose of a track or two brings us back to our normal senses, and we feel encouraged again.

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Personalized Listening – Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

It is no secret that each and everyone of us have our own preference not just in terms of music but how we want it to sound like. Some people like a lot of 'oomph', others like some splash while some just want it flat and normal. Beyerdynamic Custom … [Continue reading]

A Look at Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

I'm a big fan of Blue microphones as I've used them in the last few years and can say that I enjoyed using them for various purposes. That's why when Blue announced that they'll be releasing a headphone line and mind you an 'audiophile' one, I got … [Continue reading]

How many Headphones do you use in a Day?

The answer for most of us is one. I myself at times just use one headphone for practicality but most people do because they only have one headphone or earphone which is perfectly understandable. But for enthusiasts like me, how many are you actually … [Continue reading]

The Bassy and Punchy AKG Y50 Headphone

It's no secret by now that I prefer neutral headphones with flat frequency response than bassy ones that impart coloration to the overall signature. That doesn't mean I don't listen to bassy headphones or enjoy listening to them. Like any other guy … [Continue reading]