Sennheiser Closeout Sale: 8/22-8/31 2015

Sennheiser is doing a closeout sale in V-Mall Greenhills where you can get up to 60% off for demoed/opened pairs of headphones and 40% off for brand new cans. If you're looking to buy a headphone then this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage … [Continue reading]

The Crystal-Clear Sounding Etymotic ER4PT Review

I love headphones that sound neutral and accurate, period. It just brings out the 'enthusiast' inside me whenever I'm listening to a piece of equipment where I can hear the music as a whole with very little to no coloration. That's why when I learned … [Continue reading]

The Airy Audio-Technica AD900x Headphone

Like most headphone enthusiasts, I started my journey with closed-back headphones and then later learned about open headphones being the better sounding one. Little by little I started listening to different open headphones, even reviewed some of … [Continue reading]

The Bright but Accurate-Sounding Audio-Technica MSR7 Headphone

Audio-Technica is one of my favorite headphone brands because they make headphones with sound signatures that I like. Not only that, they also have some delicate looking headphones (the woodies) and sturdy on-the-go headphones (the monitoring line). … [Continue reading]

The Luscious NAD VISO HP50 Headphone

Sealed headphones without a doubt is the most practical type of headphone to own. They look great, they block out noise passively, they can be portable, most of them don't need amplification and more importantly they can sound good too! We have tried … [Continue reading]

The Neutral Beyerdynamic DT880 Headphone

New models of headphones are being produced at an extremely fast pace and it seems like there's almost a new flavor of the month available for everyone to try. While it's easy to get lost with the new ones, it's still worth trying the classics and in … [Continue reading]